Hester Ruoff

HESTER RUOFF Actress, Presenter, Voice Artist



HEIGHT: 5’6”



BUILD: Slim/Athletic





2014StageJulieLIFE BEGINSSVG Productions - Broadway TheatreJunie Joseph
2014Voice OverCarolineTHE FILE ROOMVanessa Perdriau FilmsVanessa Perdriau
2013InfomercialPresenterSOVEREIGNBurning ReelJoe Elliott
2013CorporateSuz'TOUGH DAY AT WORK' Magnify Films LtdChris Klockner
2013Short FilmNatBEST FRIENDS FOREVERRay of DreamsCathy Kostova

Radio                      ‘Drive time Review’                    Loretta Fenton
Radio                       'Newstalk'                                Victoria Laurence
Premier Radio Ongoing
Testimony                             ‘Flash and Go’             Kristian Gatenby         JML                  Jan ‘12
Short Film                              ‘Exit’                             Andreas Munksgaard Strange Dog Prods ‘12
Short Film                              ‘Proxy’                         Tom Walsh                  Polymath Pics   Oct ‘11
Commercial                           ‘UCB’                            Rory Springthorpe         Vivid                April ‘11
Voice-Over                           ‘World Vision’              Stephen Montgomery 


Vivid Broadcast Feb ‘11

Voice-Over                           ‘F-Ten’                         Lydia Harrison             ICAEW July ‘10

Feature                                 ‘Will’s Diaries’               Charis Orchard           Quercus Prods Aug ‘09

Short Film                              ‘The Game’                  Ryan McGuire             LFS                  May ‘09

Short Film                              ‘Ginger’s Revenge’      Natasha Block             Stealing Screen Mar’09

Commercial                           ‘Pringles’                      Susannah Hayes        P&G/ Grey         Dec ‘08

Short Film                              ‘And then we kissed’  Azhur Saleem             Funsizestudios Sept’08

Voice-Over                           ‘Everyman’                   Steve Brocklehurst     MTV                  July ‘08

C4 Documentary                   ‘Christian’                     Colin Rothbart              Channel 4        May ’08

Voice-Over                           ‘Legal Seagull’             Steve Nesbit               

Rok Motion       Feb ‘08

Voice-Over                           ‘Dear Heather’             Steve Nesbit               

Rok Motion         Jan ‘08

Feature                                 ‘Miss Pettigrew lives..’ Bharat Narulli                                       April ‘07

BBC Drama                           ‘Capturing Mary’          Stephen Poliakoff                              06/Jan ’07

Underwater Film                   ‘Bait’                             Mike Valentine             Pinewood           Oct ‘05

Fuji Film Test             ‘Lights 2’                      Marcus Dillistone        

Glory Film Co.  June ’05

Commercial                           ‘Rimmel London’           Rankin                         JWT                    Oct ‘04

Feature                                 ‘Piccadilly Cowboy’     Tyler Ford                    Kayak Prod         Oct ‘04

Short Film                              ‘Control Alt Delete’       Neil Scott-Sills            48hr Film Challenge ‘04

Helen Faraday                      ‘Kitty Wilkinson’            Larry Rew                  Radio Production

Presenting                            ‘Frenzy music Festival’           Vivid Broadcast June‘08

Presenter Training                ‘NTL’                                                               Feltham Studios Nov ’05


Chorus                                  ‘Jesus Rock Opera’     Gio Galanti                   Apollo Theatre          ‘10

Angelina                               ‘The Voice of Angels’  Gio Galanti                   Dominion Theatre     ‘09

Jane Banks                      ‘The Witch of Edmonton’   Natasha Dawn            Courtyard Theatre    ’09

Elvira                                     ‘Blithe Spirit’                 Michael Friend       Theatre Royal,Margate ‘06

Isabella                                 ‘Edward II’                   Malachi Bogdanov   

Globe Theatre,Neuss  ‘06

Mercury00SEX                     ‘…ithica with love’      Malachi Bogdanov     Millennium Point       ‘06

Vittoria                                  ‘The White Devil’          Mark Tree                   Questors , Ealing      ‘06

Lina Szczepanowska          ‘Misalliance’                 M F Prods         

Shaw’s Corner (Open-air) ‘05

Lady Gwendolyn                              ‘The Turnabout’           Michael Friend   

The Mill, Yvonne Arnaud  ‘04

Nancy Kehoe                        ‘The Gorgeous Gael’   Syd Golder                 

Kings Head              ’04

Anne                                     ‘Rural Rides’               David Vann          

 New Mercury Theatre    ‘04

Eroclea                             ‘The Lovers Melancholy’ Poel Festival                  Globe Theatre          ‘03

Mary Haines                         ‘The Women’                John Adams               Crescent Studio       ‘03

Birmingham School of Speech and Drama (BSA)                            BA (Hons) 2:1             2000-’03


Accents: RP; London; West Country; Liverpool; S.A.; Australian; American; French; various

Northern; Scottish; Irish; Geordie. (V. good ear)                            

Stage Combat: Basic Plus

Music skills: Violin (Grade 4) Piano (Grade 4)                               

Singing: Mezzo / Soprano

Sports: Lacrosse/tennis/swimming/netball/athletics/pool/horse-riding/scuba/roller-skating

Dance: Tap; Basic Ballet; Jazz; Street, Social and Period Movement

Year’s medical certificate for Underwater Filming / Diving.

Full Clean Driving licence:  Car and motorbike                     

Silverstone Rally Driving Course



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Hester Ruoff showreel and camera work

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